The origins of El Campo date back to 1975 when Mr Teodoro Muñoz started carrot production. In 1992 we took a risk and diversified our activity into the fifth range products of sweetcorn, beetroot and potato.

Since then, our company has undergone significant growth in human resources and facilities, without losing the identity or aims for excellence that have characterised us over the years. We are currently leaders in Europe with growing demand in this market.

We consider the balancing of our business development and collaboration with society to be essential, and reflect this in our social commitment.

Some important events in our history


Our 25th anniversary

2017 is a very special year, as our El Campo brand celebrates its 25th anniversary. Since 1992 many things have happened that we wish to remember with you.


El Campo, cardioprotective company

We have installed a defibrillator in our factory. Although we have never had any incidents we wish to guarantee the safety of our employees during an emergency.

3000 Reasons for ASPAYM

3000 Reasons for Aspaym is the solidarity campaign created by El Campo along with Óscar F. Giralda, elite athlete, for the Asociación Nacional de Parapléjicos y Grandes Minusválidos (ASPAYM) (the National Paraplegic and Disabled Persons Assiciation). Óscar’s European competition demonstrated solidarity, collecting funds that we organised to acquire a pressure therapy machine for the association.

Local Innovating Company Award

The Federación Empresarial Segoviana (Business Federation of Segovia) awards us with the distinction of Local Innovating Company, which gives special mention to the company of the province which has been notable for integrating research, development and innovation into their activity, and for the use of new technologies as a way to increase their competitiveness.


Sports Sponsor Award

In the 4th edition of the Atlético Cuéllar Awards, we win the Sports Sponsor Award in recognition of the support, promotion and encouragement of sport and physical activity in the town and its district.

Aspaym Award

Aspaym awards us with the Solidarity Prize for Collaborating Companies thanks to cooperation with the entity through our Charity Run, an event that we hold annually as part of our social commitment.

C.D. Sanchonuño La Peguera El Campo Football Team

C.D. Sanchonuño La Peguera El Campo is created, an indoor football team whose training is possible thanks to the support of the local city council, with us as its main sponsor.


Cycling Club

Based on our commitment to sport as part of a healthy lifestyle, we create a cycling club in our company, made up of employees, friends and inhabitants of Sanchonuño, who carry out cycling routes together.


Carrera Popular Precocinados El Campo Public Race

For the first time we organise our Carrera Popular Precocinados El Campo Public Race in Sanchonuño, to strengthen our social commitment to healthy lifestyles and the importance of daily exercise.


Water Treatment Plant

The Water Treatment Plant begins to operate, allowing all water used in the Factory to return to the river as it began: totally clean.


Start of export

We start exporting fifth range products in Europe.

In the following years, the international production volume will grow to become the main line of business.


El Campo is born

We diversify our activity into fifth range vegetables (cooked and vacuum-packed).

We focus on the production of red beetroot, potato and sweetcorn. The El Campo brand is born.


Leaders in sales

In the 1980s work begins to come to fruition, achieving a leading position for sales in Spain.


Everything begins

Teodoro Muñoz Rico starts activity producing, processing and distributing carrots for industrial and household consumption.


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