We strive to fight against global warming while carrying out our activity. We have reduced our carbon footprint with the use of cleaner, more environmentally friendly energy sources, and have improved our energy efficiency replacing equipment with newer generation devices.

The actions undertaken in our operations, along with the revaluation of waste, the reduction of water consumption and savings in energy consumption, have led us to achieve an organic reduction of 5% of our carbon footprint between 2008 and 2015.

These are achievements that we are proud of and which we continue to work on.

How are we achieving it?


    campo sostenibilidad agua

    Water is one of the natural elements that is found in the highest amount on our planet, and is an essential component for survival, allowing the development of different life forms. The problem is that most water is contaminated or is not safe for drinking, which in addition to improper use and wastage, leads to a lack of water. We must therefore take care in its use and consumption.

    At El Campo, thanks to our Water Treatment Plant, opened in 2010, we have managed to return 95% of water used for our production process in the same way as we took it, completely clean.


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    The greenhouse effect is a process in which thermal radiation given off by the surface of the planet is absorbed by certain gases found in the atmosphere, and re-irradiated in all directions.

    This leads to an increase in the Earth’s temperature, known as global warming, which brings with it consequences that can already be observed: rising sea levels, soil erosion, extreme weather phenomena and changes in the habitats of animals.

    It is essential to encourage the reduction of these emissions to slow the significant advance of climate change. We work internationally with distribution companies that group products from different companies that are going to export to the same country, to carry out a joint delivery. By doing so we contribute to reducing gas emissions derived from transport.

  •    ENERGY

    campo sostenibilidad energia

    Energy efficiency is a practice that consists of reducing the amount of energy required for providing a particular product or service. It involves seeking the generation of renewable energy and protecting the environment.

    There are many ways that we can save energy and many ways to implement and encourage its efficient use.

    At our factory we have reduced water consumption, using the most efficient technology in the production and packaging of our products and increasing processes of improvement and technological innovation that encourage the reuse of water and reduction of its consumption.

    We have exploited around 95% of the waste generated in our facilities during 2015, a figure that we hope to increase to 100% in the short term through the development of waste recycling.


    campo sostenibilidad agricultura

    It is necessary to work on the concept of sustainable agriculture: contributing to the improvement of environmental quality and the basic resources that agriculture depends upon is economically viable and improves society. This idea was born due to the great increase in agricultural productivity in the 1980s.

    The preservation of production resources and the environment constitute the two basic requirements of the ecological variable of sustainable agriculture.

    In our fields we have developed sustainable agriculture practices in the cultivation of products in a profitable way.

    We incorporate the organic waste from the harvest in the soil to facilitate its subsequent breakdown as we have enough time before beginning the next crop. The high water content of this waste and its low Carbon/Nitrogen ratio (15 to 20) allow breakdown quite quickly and its incorporation into the soil does not generally lead to the risk of “nitrogen hunger” in the next crop.

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